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A 2021 Hash App Investors’ Letter.

As I sip on my fresh brewed coffee looking through the window, admiring the beautiful natural scenery and game at Safari Valley, Ghana, a lot run through my mind. I reflect on the journey for Hash App so far; from my summer trip to Kigali, hanging out with Osita, OoTheNigerian

As the everyday retail investor keeps changing the investments landscape in the West, Africa needs to reintroduce herself to the global everyday investor as the next investment destination…

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It’s 4:47 PM here in Africa as I write my first medium post and many more to come about how beautiful Africa…

On this very day, we opened our doors to welcome all #Hashers worldwide to a brand new world of investments in Africa.

This time, this moment. For Africa!

Hash App

Hash App lets retail investors in the West trade and invest in both their Local and Emerging Markets stocks, bonds and mutual funds. — think global Robinhood

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